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We’re aware here. We know you’re into maximizing your music news procuring time, especially because you’re actually supposed to be reformatting that important spreadsheet at your nine to five.

So chuck that obvious Facebook Pages feed. Here’s a quick list of music updates you can get through before that man of authority shuffles through to your cubicle to micromanage over your salaried shoulder.

Today in perusing:

New wacky tune from everyone’s favorite WORLD TRAVELING MASTERMIND and flutepop handler DJ Detweiler.


Host Amelia Anok charges up MMR’s weekly punk podcast with a couple of Italians who drop some classic tracks from their hometown.

NPR’s Sir of Music Bob Boilen on why if you’re gonna write about music you shouldn’t even be reading this blog.

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While you’re on the East Coast, hear some more old live Fugazi.

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Like little bubbles? Into LA music? Check out Froth: like all good things, this band started as a joke.

Fill your monthly philanthropic quota by giving some money to this Andrew Bird and Poliça vet guy.

Sick of that Björk CD you stole from your coquettish older sister? Get more out of your Icelandic Artists to Like Before I Die bucket list from this Buzzfeed list. Spoiler: They won’t top her or Sigur Rós but are still worth Spotifying.

Sports and music do mix thanks to David Beckham over at Fact Mag, but Beatport.

With liberty, and free streaming for all who are staying in this weekend: Spin listed a lot of full albums online right now.

Shout out to our cousins or something The Daily Clog who’ve given you a list of sweetheart songs for this week without any of those pesky links to listen to said songs. But hey, you’re pretentious enough so you probably already know. Go Bears.

Article by Audrey Gertz



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