With its quiet suburbs, swarms of bicycles, and (of course) cow population — Davis may seem like an unlikely place to host one of electronic music’s rising stars. However, thanks to the ASUCD Entertainment Council in conjunction with Goldenvoice, Flume (Harley Streten) performed a sold-out show at the UC Davis Pavilion last Tuesday night, mesmerizing attendees with his groove-commanding experimental electronica and trip hop.

DSC_8594Flume did not arrive alone: supporting acts came from electronic duo AlunaGeorge and producer Kaytranada. Each performance contained its artist’s own rendition of electronica, making for a night that ranged from R&B to futuristic synthpop to chillhouse.

Making a dramatic entrance with bright fluorescent lights and ambient sound wavelets, Flume fearlessly walked onstage to greet the hundreds of screaming, hollering fans. In the midst of the chaos and hype, hilarities such as “You’re so hot!” or “Make half-Aussie babies with me!” could be heard from among them.

Not a stranger to show business, the Australian-born artist and DJ had prepared a variety of visual effects: intricate geometric patterns on themes likes space travel and love, and synchronized flashes of fluorescent light flooded entranced retinas. The stunning visuals complemented Flume’s command of the auditorium and his wonky creativity. Mixed with heavier electronic beats to appease a rave-cultured crowd, Flume blasted the stage with old favorites from his self-titled debut album Flume (2012) as well as new songs that have yet to be released.


Although his popular singles “Left Alone” and “Holdin’ On” garnered more screams of excitement, Flume’s new beats left the audience thirsty for another release. Based on the short teasers given at this performance, the material from his upcoming album (exact date to be announced) sounded more EDM heavy; however, this may simply have been the nature of Flume’s showy live set.

One thing is certain though, Flume solidified his place as a modern electronica great for those Davis kids — who sure know how to party.

Article by Edfil Dulay and Debbie Zheng
Photos by Edfil Dulay



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