Originally from Toronto, art pop band Weaves turns three years old this month. Having only an EP that came out April 2014, this month of June also marks the release of their self-titled debut album — an enthusiastic collection of 11 tracks that are just as quirky, catchy, and twisted as the EP and singles that came before. Known for attaching a spastic, impulsive flair to indie pop, Weaves is certainly a bit out there. “I think we’re trying to prove that bands aren’t boring,” says guitarist Morgan Waters. “If we are going to be a band and if we are going to do this guitar, bass, and drums thing then we might as well see how much we can fuck it up.”

The band has garnered a lot of attention in the follow-up to Weaves’ release. “Weaves are fucking wild,” Stereogum reported. Chart Attack said, “Weaves are chameleons. They’re often quite pretty, given to brilliant flashes of melody. Sometimes they’re menacing, all teeth and claws.” Weaves also appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk, a performance that showed off vocalist Jasmyn Burke’s earnest voice and eccentricity, along with the delectable pairing that is the band’s vocals and music.

With their debut album Weaves has done exactly what was promised, living up to their label of “weird.” Made up of Waters, Burke, Spencer Cole (drums), and Zach Bines (bass), Weaves is guitar-driven pop that looks a little different — there are hooks as well as the explosive guitar riffs that immediately stick. Burke at times gives away a sweetness that is unparalleled, its slowness a flirt, a tease. But, there is also oddness when Burke suddenly sings, dead-pan, or when the music changes into a fever of yelling, followed by what simply seems like noise as Waters, Cole, and Bines freely and frantically go at it.

The album begins with “Tick,” the single that titled their 2014 EP. It starts out blazing, quick-paced, and wanting. “Sweetie, I just want your biological heart,” Burke sings. There is no shortage of thoughtful, lyrical gems scattered throughout Weaves. On “Coo Coo,” for instance, Burke croons, “I sped up in motion that led to devotion to you / Preemptive emotions like shoelaces waiting to be tied / A puddle of places, a tace of your braces inside there / Distortion is motion that’s ridden forbidden don’t you dare.”

In the end, Weaves is indie gold. A gleeful sound, coupled with the casual swaying of Burke and the mood, honestly, of not really giving a fuck. Highlights of the album include “Tick,” “Coo Coo,” “Eagle,” “Shithole,” and “Candy.” The band is currently touring in Europe and will come to the U.S. in August. Show dates and tickets are available online here. Watch the album teaser below.

Article by Valerie Law



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