Los Angeles beats producer Mtendere Mandowa, known by his stage name Teebs, dropped a teaser track on February 6 with the announcement of his forthcoming album E s t a r a.

“View Point” will be the third cut on the LP and is another of Teebs’ home-brewed experiments in lush, messy, organic sounds. This particular effort contains warm layers of distant tribal percussion and rustling chimes awash with faintly distorted chords.

E s t a r a will be Teebs’ second full-length release and though etymologically derived from the Spanish estar (“to be”) it alludes to the bedroom studio where Mandowa concocts the majority of his dreamy beats.

The album is due April 8 this year through Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder imprint and will feature collaborations with Jonti, Populous, Lars Horntveth, and fellow Sons of the Morning producer Prefuse 73.

You can pre-order it here or on iTunes.

E s t a r a tracklist:
1. The Endless
2. View Point
3. Holiday (feat. Jonti)
4. Shoouss Lullaby
6. Hi Hat (feat. Populous)
7. NY pt 1
8. Piano Days
9. Piano Months
10. NY pt 2 (feat. Prefuse 73)
11. Mondaze
12. Wavxxes (feat. Lars Horntveth)

Article by Justin Kwok



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