3967303578_45b1cb2e93_bLooking for a certain vinyl LP or your favorite box set? Look no further: Black Friday is here, which means music fans can have their pick of cheap, awesome, and tangible music and merchandise.

Here are two quick picks for local record stores ready to supply your demand.

Based in Oakland, 1–2–3–4 Go! Records will be having two days of epic sales both Friday and Saturday. This record retailer plans to open a decent hour early at 10 a.m. You’ll get 15% off any used items as well as access to many exclusive releases. Additionally, 1–2–3–4 Go! will be celebrating the power of independent stores on Small Business Saturday: all new items are 10% off! It’s also a good chance to grab some classic holiday albums. And if you’re otherwise too lazy to leave the house this weekend, 1-2-3-4 Go! has you covered online with their collection of albums and other products. Mail order away.

Berkeley residents looking for a one-stop shop close to home can visit Amoeba Music. The classic Telegraph Ave retailer boasts on their website some excellent Black Friday opportunities, which they’ve complied for you in a convenient PDF list. Browse through it to check out picks like an exclusive edition of Nirvana’s In Utero, or those previously unreleased songs by the Flaming Lips–originally recorded for the Ender’s Game soundtrack, they’re now available on their new EP Peace Sword.

If you’ve got any other music discount tips this holiday, be sure to drop them in the comment box.

Otherwise be sure to show these record stores some love, replenish your record collection, and may your holiday be a musical one.

Article by Jade Theriault



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