Power pop meets optical illusion science project in alt rock outfit OK Go‘s latest filmographic stint. Directed by vocalist Damian Kulash and 1stAveMachine’s Aaron Duffy and Bob Partington, the video captures the essence of the band’s latest single, “The Writing’s on the Wall,” a sneak peak at their upcoming and long awaited Hungry Ghosts, set for an October release.

'2004 archi e corone (Monte Carasso, Switzerland) - Felice Varini'--Photo and caption courtesy of poeticminds.co.uk

‘2004 archi e corone (Monte Carasso, Switzerland) – Felice Varini’–Photo and caption courtesy of poeticminds.co.uk

Though admittedly breathtaking, the music video comes at no surprise — OK Go is known for such antics after hitting a big viral break back in 2006. Their video for “Here it Goes Again” skyrocketed to over a million views in just six days, making it the most favorited music video in YouTube history. Noted for its DIY elements and elaborate choreography, the treadmill video set a precedent for the band’s creative future. Since then, OK Go has capitalized on their quirky video success with songs off their most recent album, Of the Blue Color of the Sky (2010). In the last eight years, they have dabbled in green screens, marching bands, Rube Goldberg machines, stop motion, animal training, stunt driving, toast carving, city parading, computer coding, and, of course, more dancing. Many of these videos were made possible through commercial collaborations with companies such as Chevrolet, Samsung, Google Chrome, and more.

Now they’ve made a grand return with another work of art. Pre-order OK Go’s new record Hungry Ghosts here.

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