flosstradamus-yellow-claw-green-velvet-pillzHot off revealing new track “Pillz” today, Flosstradamus duo J2K and Autobot are bearing it all again tomorrow for popular Reddit thread AMA, or Ask Me Anything.

The fun starts here at noon, and til 1 p.m. they’ll answer “anything fans have to ask,” says the street team. But with the flood of dedicated Redditors up in there, do your questions stand a chance at getting answered? The internets, they aren’t very kind to noobs. So it might be a good idea to get relevant and brush up on what (and who) the DJs have been in business with recently.

For instance, the Floss-y pair just hooked up with Amsterdam’s Yellow Claw and house music heavy-hitter Green Velvet, who both collaborated on the new “Pillz,” featured below.

Grilling them on how that madness happened, or when the single is due for more than a so-called lyric video might not be a bad idea.

The recent Fool’s Gold/Ultra Music signees have also been readying studio tracks with Waka Flocka Flame, Casino, and Travis Porter, and are finishing up their #HOODIEBOYZ Tour with a stop at The Warfield, a Chicago New Year’s Eve show and a spot at Hard Fest.

That’s a lot of work, so if the BOYZ ignore your seriously ponderous moment that poses ‘what’s even the deal with those pluralizing-z’s?’ it could be due to stress. So you might even want to take the totally irrelevant or absurd route with your submissions.

Typically, any question goes on an AMA forum, which has been an easy way for field experts and groups of under twenty to reach and live among common people for a day–or an hour in this case. Anyone from Burger King employees to the unremarkable can start an AMA too, but high-profile participants boost the site’s reach, like the newly-sitcommed Robin Williams and fellow film star Tom Hanks.

Both opened themselves up to responses at the end of last month, each keeping in character with their general celebrity personalities. Hanks was a good sport, responding shortly to questions like “Is David Schwimmer funny in person?” and “Do you carry a hankie Mr Hanks?” while Williams’ extended banter was more candid.

“One time in makeup as Mrs. Doubtfire,” responded Williams to a question about the film, “I walked into a sex shop in San Francisco and tried to buy a double-headed dildo. Just because. Why not?”

It’s pretty hard to argue with that explanation, which continued (entertainingly) on. And with such inspired answers, you can only hope the crack dance guys of Flosstradamus, known for their live show antics, will deliver too.

It’s likely, since they usually show no lack of stamina, and don’t appear to be the standoffish type.

article by Audrey Gertz



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