Swaying bodies reminiscent of oceans currents, a mystifying curtain of hazy fluorescent lights, and colossal booms and beats dazzled the Fox, filled with eager spectators there to see Explosions in the Sky this past weekend.

Smoke filled the room and as the first heady notes of “Wilderness” struck the air, the audience swelled. This was a night for embracing the intrinsic nature of musical harmony. There was no need for song lyrics or words to tell us how we felt. We felt it in the melancholy plucks of the electric guitar and the exultant strikes of the drums, exploring the spectrum of human feeling as each wave of sound hit us.

From sweet mellow tones to triumphant climaxes to haunting fadeouts, Explosions in the Sky are adept at transforming the mood in an instant. This momentum carried throughout the night and “Your Hand in Mine” perfectly expressed how these moments could flow so well together.

An audience member exclaimed that Explosions in the Sky were simply “The sun, man. The sun.” It’s exactly that. The feeling of spiritual awakening as the sun rises over the ocean, filling you with a sense of awe and wonder.

Article by Willa Peng
Photos by Edfil Dulay



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