B9-LPB9 released his eponymous LP at the end of last month, on Friday, September 27. Featuring twelve instrumental tracks, the album swirls with the sensations of dubstep, lounge and drone-y introspection.

More specifically, the LP explores a spectrum within 140 bpm bass music, where subterranean metallic commotions bounce off the hypnotic 2-step sway on minimalistic tracks like “Importada;” whilst in others, filtered-down synths seep eerily out of the crackle and fuzz of the percussion (as in the airy “Dusty”).

Despite the range of sounds, continuity remains central to the LP. It’s held together by jarring, futuristic chords and a framework washed-out with reverb.

Also evident is the meticulous six-month-long production process: the shuffling hi-hats of UK Garage are layered with wispy textures and distant mechanical crooning to smoothen the transitions between beat-heavy techno grooves and ethereal chord-tones.

The percussion is definitely one of the highlights of this LP, and B9 somehow maintains a sense of space despite his intricate pattern of accents.

My favorite track off of the album (so far) is “2-bucks.” It features a laid back beat in which grainy synths modulate above a skipping bassline.

Turn up the sub and sit back for this one—but expect to shuffle in your seat.

Hailing from the shores of Australia, Travis Baker (B9) is one of four artists in a collective called Chord Marauders (a self-professed “community of bedroom producers”) who all figure into this tasty release.

You can download his self-titled LP at chordmarauders.com.

article by Jay Kwok



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