“Human Sadness,” a difficult single off The Voidz’s new album Tyranny, sounds like something Julian Casablancas would do, on steroids. Pieces of this song can be found throughout The Strokes’ multi-generational repertoire: “Games,” (Angles), “You Only Live Once” (First Impressions of Earth), “One Way Trigger” and every other ballad from Comedown Machine. Its 10 minutes of intense sound layering rejects genre placement, proving that Casablancas, as a composer, is one-of-a-kind. But enough of our blabbering.

Let’s look at the group mind:

The Loverz

pro 1

pro 9

pro 4

pro 3

pro 6

pro 5

pro 2

pro 7

pro 8


The Haterz

con 3

con 1


… and The Confuzed

nut 2

nut 1

Article by Jade Theriault



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