The Last Shadow Puppets will be bringing their signature Brit-rock style to the historic Fillmore this coming Sunday. Fronted by Arctic Monkey’s lead singer Alex Turner and the Rascal’s Miles Kane, the band will be starting a massive world tour following the release of their second album Everything You’ve Come to Expect.

Turner’s work with Arctic Monkeys is evidently audible in these new tracks. With that said, the Last Shadow Puppets do not sound repetitive by any means. In fact, the group are a refreshing twist on the classic tones that characterize modern British rock.

With characteristic sounds of the modern British indie-rock movement, the so-called “super group” have refined their sound and continue to add excitement to the genre. By bringing orchestral talent into the studio with them, they have challenged the stereotypical conventions to which British indie-rock has traditionally adhered. For fans of both Kane and Turner’s former work, this new endeavor is a must-listen, ensuring that their show at the Fillmore in San Francisco will undoubtedly be a night that will surpass everything you may come to expect from British indie-rock.




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