Ah what a beautiful thing the Internet is. With just a random click of an unfamiliar name, you can find the sound that you’re going to be feeding into your ears for the rest of the week.

This morning I saw that a rapper who, according to his SoundCloud page hails from “Virginia and Shit, United States,” had released a new song. The rapper goes by the name of GoldLink, and the song is a remix of TLC’s “Creep.”

The second that blaring voice cut into the smooth beat, I knew I had found something special.

GoldLink has an uncommon ability to keep switching up flows without slipping for a second, punching every hit of the beat effortlessly. Suffice to say I think you should check out the track, embedded below. The rest of his stuff on SoundCloud is definitely worth a listen as well; this isn’t the last time were going to be hearing the name GoldLink.

Article by Zack Sklar



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