Ty Segall completely astounded the historic Fillmore in San Francisco two Monday nights past. His signature punk/garage rock sound, incredible in its own right, was accompanied by a bizarre yet bafflingly good performance.

Entering stage-left, Ty Segall and accompanying band members, who are now called “The Muggers” in lieu of his recently released album Emotional Mugger (2016), donned frighteningly realistic baby masks. These masks paralleled those worn in a music video for “Candy Sam” from the new album. Shortly following this creepy entrance with the song “Squealer,” Ty Segall began spitting large amounts of saliva onto to the stage and his hands in a fashion that might only be acceptable at a punk-rock show. This continued for much of the show in what became clear was meant as a show for the media present.

Despite the shocking nature of the performance, his disconformity and desire to bring new excitement to the rock scene are more than admirable and provided for not only an incredible show, but also an unforgettable experience.

Article by Jacob Elsanadi
Photos by Sofia Duarte



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