At the first prospect of attending the Two Door Cinema Club show this past week at the Fox Theater Oakland, I was enamored. Even though I may have fallen off the Two Door bandwagon a couple times over the years, I have truly adored this band since I first gave Tourist History (2010) a listen. But I was busy. I had too much going on; school, work, etc. The words “I shouldn’t go, I can’t go” kept repeating over and over in my head. But all at once, I let a wave of silence wash over my conscience, and I went. And I was not disappointed.

I arrived shortly before the troupe opened with “Cigarettes in the Theater.” With the tune’s quick-paced riffs playing in the background, I surveyed the sold-out Fox in front of me. A diverse crowd of young and old had audibly exploded with energy at the staple tune. Shortly following this first serenade, as if in assurance that this show would make proud fans both old and new in the Fox that night, the first telltale chords of “Undercover Martyn” only intensified the fervor of the crowd hopping to the beat. It was this point (during my favorite song) that I knew I had made the right choice in coming to this show.

To add to the already good vibes, the stage’s backdrop played different images, graphics, patterns, and more as lead singer Alex Trimble moved gingerly across the stage. During “Eat That Up it’s Good For You” the graphic display sent the audience into what seemed like outer space. It added an excitement and phantasm to the already fantastic performance. At “Bad Decisions,” a tune off of their most recent album Gameshow (2016), the backdrop descended into an 80s “Tron”-like world. It’s only fitting considering that this newest albums is reminiscent of the synthy electronic vibes so characteristic of that decade.

The trio I have treasured since their first go around did the Bay Area a service. They provided respite for a few hours that Thursday night for all the stressed out, all-too-busy folks out there. To be frank, I was worried; I was worried that the audience might feel strange during the new songs that came out a little less than a month ago, that the band might step away from their signature melodies. But my worries were swiftly assuaged. As they closed with “What You Know,” I left feeling grateful for having gotten to know them.




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