Thanksgiving break has passed, and sadly we are beginning to enter the weak winter club season.  Lineups throughout the rest of December are not strong, as most venues are winding down until the end of the year festivities begin.  However there are still some performers to see throughout the rest of 2015, and we’ll make sure you know what’s happening around the Bay with this edition of Top Five.

#1 Girogio Moroder

Full Lineup: Giorgio Moroder, DJ Dan, DAVID HARNESS, Anthony Mansfield, Motion Potion, DJ Dials, EUG, King Most, Marky, Freddy, Steve Fabus, Mozghan, Matt Haze, Shouts!

Price: $46.35

Date(s): Friday, December 4th

Location: 1015 Folsom

Age: 21+


A lot of times you read artist bios and see the words “legend” and “veteran” tossed loosely into the description.  Giorgio Moroder is a an actual legend of dance music; in fact some refer to him as the “Father of Disco”.  Moroder has put out some incredible records over the course of his 50 year career, and after ending a 23 year hiatus, his newest album Deja Vu features a lot of familiar faces like Charlie XCX, Sia, and Britney Spears.  Moroder will be performing at 1015 Folsom on Friday, and will be hosting one of the most unique shows I think anyone in the city will get the chance to see.


Full Lineup: SNBRN, Darnel Christoph

Price: $34.05

Date(s): Friday, December 4th

Location: Audio

Age: 21+


Following Giorgio Moroder, Audio wins the rest of the weekend this week as both their Friday and Saturday night shows are definitely worth checking out, and they will take the number two spot this weekend with SNBRN.  SNBRN has killed it this year by putting out fantastic remixes of 50 Cent’s 21 Questions, and Ace of Base’s All She Wants, while also keeping his original production up to par with songs like Raindrops and California.  He is pioneering a new sound which he calls “Sunset House”, and will be sure to provide an uptempo and fun set to the dance floor.

#3 The Beatrangers

Full Lineup: The Beatrangers, California Casual, Michael Milano

Price: $11.35

Date(s): Saturday, December 5th

Location: Audio

Age: 21+


Audio continues to dominate this week by hosting The Beatrangers.  The French G-House duo will be taking the stage Saturday night, and will definitely provide a bass-packed, groovy set.  The upcoming producers blasted onto the stage this year with their single N**** Whoeasily one of the stand-out G-House tracks of the year.  If you are going out this weekend I highly recommend checking these guys out– they’re on the verge of becoming a major act in EDM.

#4 Bare

Full Lineup: Bare, Philip Adrian

Price: $11.54

Date(s): Friday, December 4th

Location: Verso SF

Age: 21+


Verso SF is making its first appearance on the Top 5, hosting Bare this Friday.  Bare has been dabbling in the big room scene, but has his real roots in bass music.  Expect to hear classic tracks like his remix of Feet On The Ground, and, my personal favorite, his collaboration with Mercer– Bangla.  Bare is not afraid to try out all kinds of styles in his production or his live sets, so expect a lot of variation and a new club experience at Verso.


#5 Rank 1 & Khoma

Full Lineup: Rank 1, Khoma 

Price: $25.09

Date(s): Saturday, December 5th

Location: Ruby Skye

Age: 21+


Trance is back on the top 5 with Rank 1 and Khoma headlining Ruby Skye on Saturday night.  Rank 1 have been a staple of the Dutch Trance scene and have been making records since 1997.  Khoma has been getting some attention recently from Armin van Buuren and put out the record Restart on his Armada Captivating Label.  Phoria will definitely be the place for anyone looking to tie themselves over until Dreamstate hits San Fransisco in January.


If you need a study break there are still plenty of shows to see this weekend so do not hesitate.  Have fun, stay safe, and check back in a week for the next edition of the Top Five!

As always, Top Five is written by Chris Farmer.




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