Jamila Woods will be saturating the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on December 6 with her sweet and soulful R&B groove to promote the re-release of her popular debut LP, HEAVN (2016) presented by Jagjagwuar/Closed Sessions.

Photo Courtesy of Jamila Woods

Although Woods is a new artist, her background precedes and contributes to her musical career. Growing up in a music-loving family in Chicago, Woods found her true voice in poetry, allowing her to express her inner reflections. Previously, she developed her poeticism through a career with Young Chicago Authors, a non-profit organization with community roots dedicated to teaching young people how to present their own narratives. With the release of her well-received LP, HEAVN, her warm voice and flourishing soul extends into songs like “Holy” and “Blk Girl Soldier.”

Collectively, HEAVN portrays a different type of love song – one that brings out self-love and strength in the midst of the world’s inevitable realities. Features on the album include notable artists such as Noname, Chance the Rapper, and Saba. Putting her real experience into her music, Woods makes relatable and uplifting tunes for us soul seekers. It is pure, welcoming, and a breath of fresh air.

Vagabon, an up and coming indie-rock multi-instrumentalist and producer, will be starting off the show. Come experience their soulful sounds at the upcoming San Francisco show by purchasing tickets here.

Written by Devyn White



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