Sofia Duarte – Sofia Duarte is one of the Editors-in-Chief for The B-Side. She is a fourth-year Media Studies major, currently dedicated to exploring her passions for Father John Misty, tacos, and HBOGo. At the tender age of six, she attended her first concert: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at The Forum in LA. She appreciates a “tasteful seventies-rock palette”, and can’t decide if her favorite soundtrack is from Insecure or Master of None. She’s more fun than getting a haircut, but less fun than Ezra Koenig’s Twitter. For quality visual content, follow @yourbandnamesucks..

Myra Farooqi – Myra Farooqi is the one of the Editors-in-Chief for The B-Side. A lifelong writer, professional couch potato, and a political-scientist-in-training, she is currently a fourth-year dedicated to finding the best public bathroom in America. She makes off-putting first impressions and is also the worst dancer you’ll ever meet, but she means well.

Fiona Duerr – Head photographer of The B-Side, Fiona Duerr, is from Venice Beach, CA. She grew up going to small punk shows with her brother and accredits much of her music taste to her father, a musician and music editor. Her photo style is largely influenced by diverse landscapes and human experiences- especially ones that bring people together. Her instrument of choice is a Pentax k1000.

Farida Radwan – Farida Radwan is Design Lead of The B-Side. She was born and raised in Egypt and currently lives behind the drafting table in her architecture studio. a little vague and a lot confused, she loves to love and lives to live. but she doesn’t really like uppercase letters.. unless everything is uppercase, then its maybe okay.

Jordan Aronson – Jordan Aronson is Copy Editor of The B-Side. He is a sophomore studying Legal Studies and Structural Engineering. Civil engineer by day, music journalist by night, Jordan’s interests are varied; chief among them are concrete, Slack, the Constitution, quesadillas, and infrastructure (in that order).

Vivian Chen – Vivian Chen is The B-side’s managing editor and a Biology/English major from Torrance, California. Her talents include speed-reading and speed-writing, but do not include time management. She also likes iced coffee, sugar, and wearing seasonally-inappropriate clothing.

Annique Mitchell – Annique Mitchell is the Co-Director of Communications for The B-Side. She is a senior Media Studies major originally from Oakland. She has a penchant for long drives, playlisting, and the power of horoscopes (Scorpio sun, Taurus moon). If she could transcend reality, she would aim to become a manifestation of “Drew Barrymore” by SZA… or a grain of sand.

Arnav Chaturvedi – Arnav Chaturvedi is the Co-Directer of Communications for The B-Side. He is a third year student studying Engineering and Philosophy and is from the greater Los Angeles. He tries to go as many days as possible without wearig real pants and has a secret love of dinosaurs.

Jackie Nam – Jackie Nam is Web Lead for The B-Side. She is a sophomore intending in Media Studies from Irvine, California. As a Korean-American, Jackie longs for the Korean music scene to be widely known as a visual and audio masterpiece, rather than a marginalized fetish. On a funnier note, she drinks around eight liters of water a day #sponsormecamelbak.

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