Meaghan Allen – Meaghan is a current senior with a major in English Literature and a minor in anthropology. When not binge watching Netflix or studying about 1850s New Orleans, she enjoys hiking and eating french fries. Her spirit animal is Keith Richards and she is currently obsessed with all things Nicholas Cage.

Myra Farooqi – Myra Farooqi is our current Marketing Director from Southern Orange County. A lifelong writer, professional couch potato, and a political-scientist-in-training, this is her third year dedicated to the The B-Side. She makes off-putting first impressions and is also the worst dancer you’ll ever meet, but she means well.

Fiona Duerr – Head photographer of B-SIDE Magazine, Fiona Duerr, is from Venice Beach, CA. She grew up going to small punk shows with her brother and accredits much of her music taste to her father, a musician and music editor. Her photo style is largely influenced by diverse landscapes and human experiences- especially ones that bring people together. Her instrument of choice is a Pentax k1000.
Eda Yu – Eda Yu is a writer from Los Angeles who has a penchant for words, tacos, and breaking out in random bouts of dance in public spaces. She has worked at publications like East Bay Express, The Daily Californian, and The Believer, as well as being a co-founder of Nasi Magazine. Eda is in her senior year at U.C. Berkeley, studying Chemical Biology and French, and is The B-Side’s current Editor-In-Chief.
Farida Radwan – “born and raised in egypt, farida radwan currently lives behind the drafting table in her architecture studio. a little vague and a lot confused, she loves to love and lives to live. but she doesn’t really like uppercase letters.. unless everything is uppercase, then its maybe okay”
Debbie Zheng – Debbie Zheng is a senior studying Cognitive Science and Media Studies and is currently a College Rep for Universal Music Group and XL Recordings/Young Turks. She mostly listens to Hip Hop and R&B, and she likes dogs more than babies. Treat her to a fruit tart if you’re feeling nice. 🙂
Kurush Dubash – Kurush is a senior studying Computer Science and the lead web administrator for The B-Side. He enjoys photography, random adventures, and dogs. A sports lover, he’s always playing basketball and cheering on his favorite teams (LA Angeles, LA Lakers, GS Warriors). You can find more info about him on his website.
Sofia Duarte – Sofia Duarte is the Co-Director of Communications for The B-Side. She is a third-year Media Studies major, currently dedicated to exploring her passions for Father John Misty, tacos, and HBOGo. She’s more fun than getting a haircut, but less fun than Ezra Koenig’s Twitter.
Arnav Chaturvedi – Arnav Chaturvedi is the Co-Directer of Communications for The B-Side. He is a third year student studying Engineering and Philosophy and is from the greater Los Angeles.
He tries to go as many days as possible without wearig real pants and has a secret love of dinosaurs.

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