Baltimore-based Sun Club will be performing at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco this Wednesday October 14. The indie rock band combines high energy instrumentals with catchy vocals creating a unique, free-spirited and up-beat sound. The band was initially formed ten years ago when brothers Shane and Devin McCord were in the fifth grade, learning how to play their instruments alongside their neighbor, Mikey Powers. With the addition of multi-instrumentalist Kory Johnson and later bassist Adam Shane who, according to Devin, “rolled along after many years like a golden horse,” Sun Club have come a long way in the making.

Devin remarked, “it’s tough when we are all so close and BFs — we can’t date within the band.”

The band recently toured in Europe and is now making their way across the US. They have played in venues as established as Washington DC’s 9:30 Club, but they “always like to party/ play for wild men and women in basements.” Devin told us that “if people are dancing at our shows we feel good.”

Wednesday’s performance promises to be full of energy. Chances are they’ll perform material from upcoming album, The Dongo Durango featuring the song “Tropicoller Lease,” set for release on October 30 via ATO Records.

Article by Erica Munson



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