Springtime Carnivore released their debut album Springtime Carnivore on November 4th earlier this week via Autumn Tone Records. The all-female trio is lead by the dreamy vocals and guitar strokes of Greta Morgan, supported by a “Technicolor daydream music” aura reminiscent of a soft Grace Slick, but that provides enough sonic depth to satisfy Julian Casablancas.

Each song offers the classic story of a woman’s journey searching for a new life, and lover, after having left everything.

Beginning with “Western Pink,” Morgan creates the image of a hazy sunset over a horizon that gradually reveals the open road as the haze fades. Morgan’s emotional Western-bred voice powers through tracks like “Name on a Matchbook” and “Name Went Black.” Every step of the journey is lined with a track that adds to the overall intoxicating, ghostly dreamscape that Morgan offers to us.

Richard Swift (also responsible for work with The Shins) assisted in the production of the album, bringing some soft undertones to frightening mirages in “Two Scars” and “Foxtrot Freak.”

Springtime Carnivore’s insightful, self-titled release will leave you asking for more, but no fear: the band is currently on tour for the debut album and making an appearance at The Chapel in San Francisco this Thursday, November 13 alongside The Generationals.

Article by Arnav Chaturvedi



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