photo by Cameron Wittig, courtesy of Jagjaguwar

photo by Cameron Wittig, courtesy of Jagjaguwar

Perhaps most easily recognized as a pianist and percussionist in the indie folk band Bon Iver, S. Carey is returning to the West Coast for the first time in three years. He has two full-length records produced under the moniker S. Carey and each is a unique, almost experimental sounding foray into indie folk like you’ve never heard before.

A Eau Claire, Wisconsin-native, Carey shares similar origins with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. The two met after Carey heard and loved the Bon Iver album For Emma, Forever Ago, and approached Vernon about playing on his next album. Don’t think that he’s simply a Bon Iver spinoff though — Carey’s solo work ranges an uncommon spectrum of acoustic and electronic sounds with a wispy, meditative ambience prevailing throughout.

Carey is touring for his 2014 album, Range of Light, a gentle blend of multi-voice harmonies and soft instrumentals. Introspective and nature-inspired, it’s worth a listen, even if just for the lyrics. “Fire-scene” is a perfect example of Carey’s reflective poetry: “The reddest hue/reminds you of you/clinging love and falling true,” he murmurs on this track.

A mellow sound perfect for lazy summer nights, S. Carey will be at San Francisco’s The Independent on Saturday, July 5. Tickets here.



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