Australian trio, Rüfüs du Sol turned the Fillmore into a tropical nightclub last week during their North American Fall Tour. On the second of two nights in San Francisco, the band brought out the growing, passionate new sound that is rising in popularity in the house/dance scene.

The set list featured tracks off of both Bloom (2016) and Atlas (2013) catering to both sides of the band’s musical interests. Songs like “Say a Prayer For Me” and “You Were Right” induced a vibe of elation into the room. The band would then switch up the room with songs like “Be With You” and “Take Me” to bring out the dance club they often like to see emerge on the floor below the stage.  

The band did not hesitate to show their great appreciation for the crowd. Between every song, different band members would repeatedly praise the city of San Francisco till it was abundantly clear within the first 30 minutes of the set that they were having just as much fun on stage as the audience was in the crowd. The camaraderie displayed between the band members made it all the the more lively and energetic to watch on stage. Certain times it seemed as if the band was in a world of their own, cloaked in blue haze and a kick drum beat exuding energy into a crowd that was dancing from wall to wall.

All good things come to an end but their set ended in what seemed like no time at all. The band was very liberal with their setlist, playing random songs from their two most recent albums. They were slightly limited just by how few songs they had to chose from in this sense.  Every single one sparked the crowd and the enthusiasm was unwavering, but it just was not that many songs.  

Rufus is staying stateside until early December. They are spending Christmas performing back in the major cities of Australia and New Zealand before returning to Lake Tahoe for the Snowglobe festival over New Year’s Eve.

Article by Arnav Chaturvedi



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