If you ever plan to get famous based on your actual music–and not for the punchline it could become–you might want to remember to take care of those pesky recording debts you owe.

Like, you know, make sure you’ve got your studio fees in check; return that Urban Outfitters–purchased Anthrax shirt, the one you borrowed from that roommate you kind of know to look kind of cool; and maybe get your rented equipment back in to Guitar Center on time.

Or someone, like that sound guy with the reddit-esque sense of humor you stiffed, is going to pay it forward in a way you didn’t want.

Thanks to that kind of thing (and the efforts of a glorious reader on, metal heads might not get to hear some guy’s best death-scream remastered all nice. But no one’s gonna lack a dance party jam this weekend.

Submitted anonymously, we don’t know the name of the band, but we do know this is the greatest thing we’ve seen all afternoon.

It sucks the engineer didn’t get paid for having to work with these kids, but this was kind of the perfect way to get even.

So, you know, if you’ve got a modern metal band and are fiending to appeal to a new genre, be sure to forget about the sound guy’s efforts with you, plus all his cordial reminder texts, and leave your tab in the trash.


Article by Audrey Gertz



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