I am one to talk politics, but really who could blame someone with a pussy for speaking out in light of this royal disaster of an election? I’ll spare you my totally original and informed political opinions and instead share some tunes.

On November 8th, 2016, voters faced a monumental decision: the proposition to legalize marijuana for recreational use in California. Although the prop has some drawbacks, most namely the fear of corporations capitalizing on the economic opportunity and decimating smaller, mom and pop growers, there are also benefits. It’s certainly a step towards ending the war on drugs which unfairly discriminates against and incarcerates Americans of color. Ironically now that marijuana is legal, corporations will profit off a product which has jailed people until recently. Prop 64 is controversial but ultimately, it passed.

If there’s one thing many of us can agree on it’s that weed is some pretty amazing, powerful shit. People who don’t use it themselves surely must at least acknowledge its benefits for others including, but not limited to, those with severe and painful medical conditions. That’s what empathy is all about right? Because regardless of our backgrounds or identities someone we love has probably shared a joint with someone they love on one astral plane or another. Maybe that person was themselves.

In celebration of Prop 64 passing I’ve compiled a playlist of some of my favorite smoky jams. It is not my intention to insinuate any of these songs as explicitly or inexplicitly about or not about marijuana. So if it’s legal and consensual for all parties involved, light up, hug a loved one tight and blaze it. Happy . . . listening.

Article and art by Ally Mason



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