Months after the release of Progress (2015), Maya Postepski releases a trio of outtakes from her sophomore album in EP form. Rendezvous, out May 25 via Paper Bag Records, is “comprised of tracks that are a departure from what I normally do.”

“Rubber” is a little more prêt-à-porter (for a dancefloor DJ, that is) than Postepski’s usual experimentation, while “Wet” retains an acoustic timbre on most of its moving parts, including kit percussion.

But the psychedelic video for swirling title track and lead single “Rendezvous” is not substantially unlike the material we’ve come to expect from darkwave’s Princess Century, so this is perhaps not the best statement. She continues this thought more accurately: “The tracks didn’t quite work on the album (Progress) but I felt they shared a weird Krauty EDM vibe.”

Weird and Krauty are Princess Century’s claim to fame. The primary beatmaker behind 2011 breakthrough artist Austra, Postespki doesn’t tire of her singular, moody sound. And nor have we. Rendezvous is literally like that with an old lover: never quite satisfactory, but always a good tease.

Article by Joanna Jiang



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