kaleidaAt this point in time, the sultry pop of London’s KALEIDA is the strongest contender for a soundtrack to a Little Mermaid film reinvented Her-style, if it ever were to happen. (Hello, Spike Jonze.) The musical duo’s third single, “Picture You”, of their soon-to-be-released debut premiered today, months after last November’s “Think” and early Christmas present “Tropea.”

Combining neo-Noir electronica and uplifting pop melodies in an operatic style akin to Austra, vocalist Christina Wood and instrumentalist and producer Cicely Goulder have established themselves as darlings of the online music community and the UK’s BBC Radio.

“Picture You” employs the same sea-jungle atmosphere as “Tropea” for its four and a half minutes, but its vocal track soars and stalls like those on “Think.” “To carry… me… quiet cover,” the chorus chimes. Wood’s vocals float over the keys’ quiet ostinato and sparse percussion in an effective stripping-away of layered accompaniments characteristic of larger groups. Meanwhile, Goulder doesn’t try to “hypewoman” the act; she keeps the production clean. Their voluntary minimalist effort (in sound) is refreshing, catchy, and simply put, beautiful.

All three tracks are available for download via Soundcloud.

Article by Joanna Jiang



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