Look out Berkeley, there’s a new DJ in town!

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of interviewing UC Berkeley’s newest musical entertainer, AlTruest. He has been DJing for three years and was formerly known as AyOne. Upon relocating to UC Berkeley, he changed his name to AlTruest.

When asked why he DJs, AlTruest replied straightforwardly: “I like to make people happy and the music that I play makes people happy.”  He wants to help people “lose the boringness of their everyday routine” by entertaining his audience with unique and uplifting live performances. His energy and excitement makes his performances a must-see.

AlTruest’s influences include Hardwell, MAK J, and Dillon Francis, because they are “spinning and producing the best music there is out there today.”

What started as a passion and hobby for AITruest soon became a rewarding business. AlTruest has played at many events, including house parties, bachelor parties, bars, and weddings. He also appeared at Resound UC Berkeley’s launch earlier this month.

In the spirit of Halloween, AlTruest has released a 10-track mash-up mix made up of 26 songs, including hits by Imagine Dragons, Bloodhound Gang, Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, Knife Party, Icona Pop, and Martin Garrix.  AlTruest mixes the catchiest vocals with the best drops, making this Halloween treat great for parties and amazing for that extra pump during a workout or study session.

This mixtape is available free at

To stay updated on all of AlTruest’s newest hits, check out his page at

Article by Luciana Roble



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