Natural Child

Natural Child

Earlier this month, Natural Child released “Saturday Night Blues,” the lead single for their forthcoming album, Dancin’ With Wolves. The four-minute track shows the bluesy Nashville rockers moving away from the punk-like grittiness on earlier releases and toward a cleaner, country-influenced brand of rock and roll.

The song features some nifty work on a pedal steel guitar that creates a boot-stomping, honky-tonk vibe. A simple vocal melody and well-placed string of “na na na’s” adds a singalong quality to the undeniably catchy track.

It appears that Natural Child has traded in their distortion pedals, instead channeling Graham Parsons in this very Nashville-sounding release. Whether or not this “Dead Flowers” sound will be heard in the rest of Dancin’ With Wolves remains to be seen. Check back next week for our full review of the album, which is due on February 25 via Burger Records.

Article by Ryan Riedmuller



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