Editor’s note: There has been a change of venue for this show. It will no longer be held at The Pallet Space. The new location is Burnt Ramen at 111 Espee Ave Richmond, CA 94801.

glass atlas

Glass Atlas hold an enviable distinction amongst Bay Area musicians; the band played at The B-Side’s original launch party, back when we were under a different name. We caught up with their lead vocalist to talk about Glass Atlas and an upcoming show he has organized. Thursday night’s show at Burnt Ramen will feature his band, along with Bay Area post-rockers Isles, and the Austin-based experimental math-rock group BOYFRNDZ.

What’s new with Glass Atlas?

We released our debut album nearly one year ago and have almost written a new one in the time since. We’re hoping to record the sophomore album soon. Glass Atlas started out as a solo project while attending Berkeley in the co-ops. Since then it’s come a long way and we’re actually playing out as a four-piece for this album.

Our set is getting more and more psychedelic and our material explores modes of spacerock & experimental pop. Expect washed out vocals, fast tempos and breakdowns, catchy riffing and textures. We’ve also been exploring an electronic / DJ set from time to time but this night is showcasing our work as a live band.

Why did you decide to put this warehouse show on?

I’m really looking forward to this one; we’re anticipating a really awesome night! I put on this show because I love these bands and wanted BOYFRNDZ to play the East Bay’s underground scene while on their national tour.



What can you tell us about BOYFRNDZ?

I heard them at Noisepop a year ago and have been listening ever since! Their sound is so inspirational and they have an insane body of work. Most recently, BOYFRNDZ completed their sophomore record Breeder with Brutal Panda Records. They’re on tour now and the album will be available for early purchase at the show.

What about Isles?

I love Isles. I’ve known the guys for a while and we’ve played together around the East Bay. They’re definitely pushing the boundaries of post-rock.

What kind of crowd are you expecting on Thursday?

We’re going to keep people on their toes with this one and we’re expecting a fun crowd with good ears.

Anything else people should know about?

Patrick Lotilla from KALX will be opening the night and spinning between sets; he’s a super good DJ! It’s all taking place at The Pallet Space, one of Oakland’s most raw artistic spots with great warehouse sound and ambiance.

And just so you know, it’s all ages. Invite anyone and everyone!


Take a break from your regular Spring Break programming and come get a taste of the East Bay warehouse scene. The B-Side will be there, and we’re looking forward to an awesome night.

Article by Ryan Riedmuller



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