machinedrumThough fans are still hungover from last month’s Fenris District (the clubbing sector of the imaginary Vapor City), prolific dance musician Machinedrum has already moved on. The act, also known as Travis Stewart, just teased the cut “Aeolia” from Bleep:10, a forthcoming fourteen-track record that celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Warp’s online music and merchandise store, Bleep.

Historically, “Aeolia” refers to the ancient Greek island from which Odysseus acquires the west winds of Spring. Similarly, the track finds the North Carolina artist stepping away from the shady, modern details of Fenris District towards breezier pastures. Delving in soft hues, Stewart overlays a papery drum’n’bass rhythm with glimmering synths and emotive vocal samples that vaguely urge you to “be what you wanted to be.”

Bleep:10 is set for a digital, CD, and vinyl release on May 5. It features exclusive tracks from a variety of established artists, including Untold, Modeselektor, Autechre, Nosaj Thing, Gas, and Lone. Pre-order it now at Bleep to receive a free download of “Aeolia,” as well as a new Fuck Buttons alternative mix of Slow Focus’ “Brainfreeze.”

Article by Justin Kwok



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