On their first major tour, Day Wave brought their eclectic sound to the Echo in Los Angeles. The Oakland-based group, led by frontman Jackson Philips, has recently received acclaim for their latest EP Hard to Read.

The Echo, located in LA’s Echo Park neighborhood, was packed full of fans for this up-and-coming artist. It’s no doubt why his popularity has increased so quickly in the past year following his first studio release in 2015. His new-age sound, which brought to mind the melodies of Beach House with the beats per minute of a lively indie-rock group, has garnered wide fandom from across California. The sound appeals to those who appreciate a vibe both upbeat and relaxing.

Last week’s showing was intimate, exciting, and new. The Echo is a small
but far from cramped venue that allows for a good view from wherever you choose to stand. Day Wave brought out all of their favorites for the familiar audience, who gladly chose to sing along to some of their more popular tunes, including “Drag” and “We Try but We Don’t Fit In.” Despite Day Wave’s subdued presence onstage, the crowd did not hesitate to bring their own excitement to the space. Many screamed and shouted, often to the point of audible exhaustion, their love for Philips.

Seeing a rousing new Bay Area band making it to Los Angeles was both a pleasure and a thrill. And to my delight, at the end of their performance, Day Wave did not engage in the cliché that is the encore. They left it all out on the stage for the forty-five minutes that they spent there. Nothing was left wanted and nothing was left desired.

Article by Jacob Elsanadi



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