ImageAhead of her upcoming Spring 2014 album on Crush Music, LA’s Morgan Kibby as White Sea offered a stream of her dynamic single “Prague” today. Kibby juxtaposes sweet harmonies with desperate, breathy vocals and undulates the narrative around a dystopian soundscape of airy codas and industrial buzz saws.

It premiered on indie big Pitchfork and was well-received by a handful of vocal Facebook fans.

“I think I’ve played it for more than 20 times in a row already,” admitted Gerard Nesta Llop on the waning social media site. Others were a little more generous with their praise, offering entire bank accounts as compensation.

“Prague” is a follow-up track to last year’s “They Don’t Know.”

Easily beat Llop’s listening record over at Pitchfork now.

Article by Audrey Gertz



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