Sweden continues to be a pop music powerhouse, having paved the way for iconic artists from the likes of ABBA, Robyn, and most recently Icona Pop, Say Lou Lou, Little Dragon, Tove Lo, and many more.

Twenty-one-year-old LÉON is the newest of these Scandinavian singers. Her debut EP, Treasure, is a satisfying collection of uptempo, head-bobbing pop that showcases her smooth yet smokey voice. The production is both familiar and intriguing enough to make her stand out in a crowded pop music scene, effortlessly combining sparkly, retro synths and dreamy soundscapes on her titular track “Treasure.”

With its sassy lyrics and groovy bass, her first single “Tired of Talking” turned enough ears to get a shout-out from the highest paid female artist this year, Katy Perry. “Léon’s Lullaby” combines her hazy Lana Del Rey-esque voice with a swinging vintage-sounding beat that leaves you craving for lazy summer nights.

Even “Nobody Cares,” arguably the weakest song off the EP, invokes an unconscious foot-tapping and leaves you craving more of her mesmerizing voice. With a classically-trained musical background (her mother is a cellist and her father a conductor/composer in the same symphony), it suddenly makes sense that Treasure is impressive and deliciously crafted.

In a bombastic, in-your-face pop music sphere that values spectacle over substance, LÉON understands that less is more while still maintaining enough intrigue to draw listeners in. Only a simple sepia portrait accompanies her record and she has yet to release a music video, though we’d love to see one soon!

Article by Kenneth Zhang



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