With just a few stops remaining on their “Midnite Mass” tour, Canadian trio Keys N Krates led service last Thursday, February 18, at the Regency Ballroom. The idea that the “Midnite Mass” tour is supposed to “feel almost like a religious gathering” was made apparent with the arrival of the “Pope” (in costume), alongside a congregation of devoted candy ravers. Also behind the pulpit were Hermitude and GANZ.

GANZ started mass with a typical DJ set, with remixes ranging from Kanye to ODESZA, alongside his original tracks. While he was able to get some of the crowd bumping along, it was apparent that by the end of his set, the crowd was left yearning for more.

By the time Australian duo Hermitude took to the stage, the floor was packed. Starting with a sample of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” the duo got the entire crowd moving, orchestrating both the drops and the crowd with ‘spirit fingers.’ Shortly after another ODESZA remix, they decided to move towards the front of the stage, wielding a pad controller and synth keyboard like guitars.

After Hermitude’s set, the crowd was clamoring for their return, but the appearance of Keys N Krates was more than enough consolation. The trio are notable for playing live instruments on stage, rather than relying on DJ software alone. With drums, keys, and a turntable deck, the pace was a bit different than a typical electronic show, with much longer build-ups and regular song breaks, but all the more interesting to witness.

The group also displayed their pride in being difficult to categorize, performing an excellent sampling of “Bittersweet Symphony”, in addition to the samples of Tove Lo, Big Sean, Kanye, and ODESZA.  Turntablist Flo was also able to show off his turntabling skills with a scratching solo. Favorites such as “Keep It 100” and “Dum Dee Dum” kept the crowd moving until the last track of the night, “Yes We Faded.” Immediately, a chant for the group’s return to the stage had begun. And as a stroke of providence, the trio returned to the stage, concluding the night with “Nothing But Space” off their Midnite Mass EP (2016).

If you missed it this time, you’ll be able to redeem yourself with the trio this summer at a multitude of festivals, such as Bonnaroo and Electric Forest.

Article and photos by Isaac Yi



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