Jack White
In harmony with his usual tendencies, Jack White has electrified us with a bolt of lightning in the raucous  “High Ball Stepper” off upcoming album Lazaretto.

Housing many dissonant shifts and explosions of raw energy, this single leads one to believe that the boldness achieved on 2012’s Blunderbuss is only being amplified as White plunges deeper into his colorful career as a solo artist. Leading with repetitive, high-pitched riffs and thick, western sounding slide guitar parts, the track exudes adventure and exploration where fluctuations in the timing and emotional effects of the song represent distinct steps along an instrumental odyssey. Resonant and off-time piano counterbalance the stillness achieved in the intro and provide an interlude between the balanced and the more helter-skelter elements of the song. Filling for the absence of lyrical content with screaming guitar solos saturated in heavy distortion, Jack White’s voice and undeniable style ring as loud and clear as ever.

The accompanying video to the single features psychedelic shots of liquid and dark paints interacting with speakers to give a visual contrast to both the chaotic and refined elements of the track. With paint explosions paralleling White’s guitar ejaculations, an extra level of sensation and feeling of spontaneous inspiration give structure to an otherwise beautifully hectic piece.

Just in case he hadn’t already shifted the paradigm of musical expression enough, White intends to set the record for the fastest released record in Nashville on April 19. Third Man Records will set the stage for the live direct-to-acetate recording of title track “Lazaretto” which will then be pressed into 45s at United record Pressing and brought back to Third Man to be sold to loyal fans. If all goes accordingly, this process will be carried out in one day.  The full album is slated for a June 10 release.



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