On a warm summer Saturday night, Iration performed at the Greek Theater in Berkeley for the Sounds of Summer 2017 tour. They were the second of three acts on the stage that night, including Slightly Stoopid and J Boog & the Movement.


Iration seems like the kind of band that is more at home on a stage than anywhere else. They carry themselves on stage with a sense of confidence and comfort that compares to almost no other band. This comes as no surprise seeing as how the band has been performing for the better part of the last two years. Every band member, from the drummer in the back to the lead singer, had a gleaming smile on their face that perpetuated the relaxed jive that swept the audience. Their lead bassist, Adam Taylor, excited the crowd to the point where he played his bass perfectly without even thinking about it. Even their percussionist, Drake Peterson, made his way up to the front of the stage and serenaded the audience with some vibrant trumpet playing and a joyous demeanor.


Iration played an hour long set featuring some of their most memorable songs like “Timebomb” and “Falling.” They also featured their brand new single, “Fly With Me.”  This beautifully ushered in a killer vibe to get the audience into a nice groove, and prepared for the show ahead of them. Kyle Mcdonald, of Slightly Stoopid, even made it on the stage to spice up the end of the set and tease the excitement of the crowd.


All the different bands playing during this tour shared a sense of comradery that was very easy to recognize. Slightly Stoopid ended their set with an encore that featured every member of every band on the stage at the same time, a visual representation of what the intention of this tour is. Iration is playing with their friends and having a great time. Every show is a party and the audience is the special guest of honor. The stage is a giant dance floor, welcoming to anyone that can embrace the chant, “I feel good.” This tour is truly an experience that cannot be replicated and brings out some of the best in people, whether it’s on the stage or in the pit. The tour is going on until the end of summer. Find a show and really feel the sound of the summer before it is too late.

Article and Photos by Arnav Chaturvedi



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