These three words are the mantra of the San Diego-based Desert Hearts crew that celebrated their third anniversary this year.

Fronted by world renowned DJs such as Mikey Lion and Lee Reynolds, this distinctively Californian offshoot of house music is epitomized by their bi-annual music festival held in pop-up locations around Southern California. Drawing inspiration from Burning Man culture, Desert Hearts music festival seeks to remove barriers between strangers and establish a three-day community of love where all things are shared — even the stage! We saw many jump up and dance onstage behind the turntables. No ATMs are present on the festival grounds and all possessions become community possessions.

With seventy two hours of nonstop Deep House and Techno music, Desert Hearts 2015 was nothing short of a spectacle, a gathering of a new tribe of music lovers and individuals wishing to participate in a community of friendship and respect.

Article and photos by Conner Smith 



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