Hey Rosetta!’s beautifully conducted performance kept the dedicated crowd enchanted late into the night on Monday at the Brick and Mortar Concert Hall in San Francisco. The audience was mostly comprised of Canadian natives, some of whom drove hours to see the show. It was clear in their faces (and in their dance moves) that the long drive was worth it.

Various instruments, including the cello, trumpet, and violin supplemented the band’s sound and created a uniquely symphonic blend behind Tim Baker’s sublime vocals. Songs from their latest album, Second Sight, comprised a large portion of the set-list. The band also performed Trish’s Song, a distinctly softer, more harmonious song, for the first time. Needless to say, Trish’s Song was very well received by the audience. In addition, Hey Rosetta!’s dedication to their performance was well displayed in their adaption of the set-list to the venue as the band threw in a couple pieces that Tim wrote in San Francisco a few years ago, Alcatraz and Cathedral Bells.

The intimate venue coupled with the band’s devoted fans led to a thoroughly enjoyable show. A few Canadians who had seen Hey Rosetta! play at music festivals or large concert halls were very grateful to have the chance to see the band play in a smaller setting. Hey Rosetta!’s current U.S. tour is a can’t miss opportunity to hear the band’s music on a much more intimate level.




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