One of our favorite East Bay DIY labels and venues 1-2-3-4 Go! Records is expanding again, and this time its through online funding platform Indiegogo. With a goal to raise $16,000 for expenses, their latest fundraiser comes with a new set of perks for backers.

Donors who pledge $10 and more within the next eight days can get a return of sticker sets, gift certificates, and record releases. For anyone generous enough to offer $1000, the reward is a lifetime of free admission to all public shows.

1-2-3-4 Go! Records is one of the few places to see an all-ages rock concert without crossing the Bay Bridge, and probably the only place to pick up a Twin Steps album, the latest Razorcake magazine, and see an amazing new act. A quick walk from the MacArthur BART will get you to the Oakland steady’s record-lined walls, and through the small door that leads to the back, you’ll see acts like Hunx & His Punx, No Bunny, Lemuria, and Screaming Females.

The record store-slash-venue has already expanded twice before, and this time the expansion will make space to hold a growing record stock and its generally packed house.

Whether you are a fan of punk, garage rock, records, zines, or just live music, please give to this awesome venue so they have the chance to expand.

Head over to their indiegogo site to see how you can help. And keep up with the consistently sold out venue by checking out their list of upcoming shows.

Article by Penelope Leggett



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