Arriving on the winds of The Weatherman (2013), South African-born Colorado-based Gregory Alan Isakov will grace The Fillmore this Thursday night with a performance in celebration of this acclaimed album.

On his fifth full-length release, Isakov has proven his artistic maturity and developed a sound entirely his own. While conjuring a feeling of nostalgia for the heyday of Americana, Isakov puts his personal spin on this folk style. His deeply emotional ballads accompanied by gentle and provocative melodies send the listener on a journey through eras past.

“Amsterdam,” which was recently given a music video, opens the album with a rolling chorus of acoustic guitar and mandolin alongside beautifully ambient lyrics that cascade across the auditory spectrum. The rest of The Weatherman is packed with stimulating tracks such as “Living Proof” and “Saint Valentine,” both of which boast vivid lyrical symbolism and instrumental colorings.

A poet amongst pirates, Gregory Alan Isakov is one of the most distinguished lyricists and songwriters of our day, producing works that offer a unique perspective into the interior of human experience. Embedded in his personal history and his music is the spirit of the traveler, the wanderer, and the restless soul roaming the globe — individuals gleaning experiences from interactions with an assortment of different peoples, practices, and places. His songs pull the listener in and evoke a shift in headspace — be it a small alteration in the course of the day or a full-blown translocation into a faraway land.

This Thursday, let those winds carry you into the weekend.

Article by Conner Smith 



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