Lately, the commercial music industry has been exposed as a less-than-friendly domain, especially for young artists and indie bands. The future of music seems uncertain. But many musical folks are still hopeful and even grateful about their profession–at least according to our conversations.

In lieu of the approaching year-end, Resound asked musicians, labels, and festivals to reflect on what they were most grateful for in 2013. What are the positive aspects of this ever-changing game of an industry? Here’s what they had to say.

hundred daysTHE HUNDRED DAYS: “I guess you could say that we’re most grateful for people with open minds. We’ve been working to get some really different sounds with our new material and had the chance to work with producer Tony Hoffer (M83, Beck, Air etc.) on it. He really opened our ears to some new and exciting interpretations of our music. We can appreciate how a band like Tame Impala is doing something really different, and yet they can be embraced by such a large, diverse audience.”

misunMISUN: “We’ve worked with some great people this year, but we’re super thankful to have met our drummer Jon Jester and manager Alex Shenitsky. All around amazing dudes! We’re also thankful for all the indie media outlets and blogs supporting our music, no matter how big or small. This has been key for us!”

pr0filespr0files: “We are grateful for the release of a new Daft Punk album, the return of funk and, of course, Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video. What a year!”

prinzhorn dance schoolPrinzhorn Dance School: “New York City! We are very grateful to everyone who made our first shows there so special. Hanging out with the DFA family, Josh Gaffin and so many people with a passion for real, live music.”

And finally, because we enjoyed their Facebook post too much, an offhanded thanks from Incan Abraham.

incan abraham

Resound thanks you, too. Hope you’re having a great holiday!

Article by Joanna Jiang



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