Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-9.31.28-PMBOO. It’s our first Halloween here at Resound UC Berkeley, and to get Cal on the spook track, our staff submitted the songs that creep them out most, and what they’ll be playing as they suit up for those upcoming costume parties.

1. The Misfits – “American Psycho”

Penelope, journalist: With song titles like “Braineaters,” “Horror Hotel,” and “Crimson Ghost,” anything from the Misfits albums Collection II or American Psycho is a perfect Halloween track.

2. Ice MC – “Scream”

Audrey, editor-in-chief: This track is an anomaly I found while creating one of my own Halloween playlists a few years ago. “Scream” has this catchy and appropriately horrific scream refrain. It’s just great. There’s a dramatic vocal part intercut with classic 80s-type rap verses. All good. But suddenly there’s this really uncool affirmation. “I’m Ice MC, and I’m plopping in my pants!” Really, dude… the mood’s ruined, handed over to almost-parody. Anyway, cool 80s vibe, cool 80s video; it’s a near perfect, nostalgic, and haunting song otherwise.

3. Eminem ft. Dido – “Stan”

Clara, journalist: This classic was often played on the radio. If you listen closely, the lyrics are about a crazy fan’s obsession. The story is told through letters between Slim and his fan Stan. What keeps this song Halloween-worthy is the shocking twist at the end, told by Slim: “I seen this one shit on the news a couple weeks ago that made me sick / Some dude was drunk and drove his car over a bridge / And had his girlfriend in the trunk, and she was pregnant with his kid / And in the car they found a tape, but they didn’t say who it was to / Come to think about it, his name was, it was you, damn.”

4. Kanye West feat. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, & Bon Iver – “Monster”

Clara: It is interesting to see how a music video can give a song a different meaning. Kanye West is the master of doing that. The lyrics condemn the coldness of capitalism and consumerism that turn people into “monsters.” The video on the other hand definitely has a Halloween vibe to it, as does the sound. The images can be frightening, so beware. Nicki Minaj acts as both the “good” and “bad” Nicki, and basically now we understand that she is talking to herself during her part. Scary!

5. The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff – “A Nightmare on my Street”

Michelle, business and promo: I had a hard time deciding, but honestly, I just had to go back to this old school hip hop track. I mean, The Fresh Prince rapping as Freddy Krueger? Genius.

6. Aphex Twin – “Come to Daddy”

Jade, journalist: “Come to Daddy” has one of the most frightening music videos out there. Murderous little girls and a possessed TV chanting “I will eat your soul” make horror movies seem tame in comparison.

7. Mala – “Changes (James Blake remix)”

Jay, journalist: With monastic bells clanging behind a chilling vocal chant, James Blake’s remix of Mala’s “Changes” waxes like a séance gone awry. Soft tones of a spirit medium waver against looming horrors, the song ending with some imperial ghoulish parade. An unsettling listen, this Harmonimix is bound to chase away at least a few of your guests.

8. SALEM – “King Night”

Jo, content editor: Starting off with a distorted, satiric “I… love… you,” “King Night” is pretty Halloween-y. It’s also pretty routine for the three-piece act, who play witch house sounds year-round. But for those who don’t fancy strutting down the street to eerie, dark electronica during the hottest days of summer, now is as good a time as any to embrace the occult in all of us.

9. Wax Idols – “Dead Like You”

Penelope: Bay Area natives, the Wax Idols’s music features everything from punk beats and catchy riffs to post-punk undertones. Heather Fedewa, also known as Heather Fortune, keeps it creepy with drowned-out vocals and song titles like “Sound of a Void” and “Hitman.” Happy Halloween, punks.

10. Crystal Castles – “Violent Youth”

Penelope: Goth-electronica band Crystal Castles is a staple for any dance party. Alice Glass’s airy voice, combined with shrill hooks derived from distorted video game tracks, makes Crystal Castles the perfect balance of dark and trippy.

11. Ween – “Roses are Free”

Ryan, journalist: Ween’s delightfully creepy Chocolate and Cheese track makes for a great Hallow’een tune. From the jack-o-lantern lyric references to demon robots in the music video, everything about “Roses are Free” screams Halloween. The song uses guitar licks and synth sounds reminiscent of circus music, an allusion to the fear of the demented carnival. If you’ve seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

For those of you who are more jam band inclined, try Phish’s famous “Island Jam” cover of “Roses are Free.”

12. Paris Hilton – “Good Time”

And what’s more terrifying than cliche pop music drenched in auto tune? Let’s hope you don’t get too hallo-wasted this weekend and end up falling for this party music like it’s revolutionary.

Keep your head straight this holiday, and happy ghosting!

P.S. Didn’t see your pick? Freak us out by posting your most spook-tacular Halloween tune in the comments below.

Article by Staff
Photo by DJ Morty



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