Two nights ago, Gallant and Eryn Allen Kane performed a soulful, electric show in San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall.

Eryn Allen Kane opened up the night, introducing herself, the band, and stating that they’ve only recently made their debut, despite a noticeable amount of the crowd clearly knowing who they were. Her incredibly impressive vocal range spanned from deep mournful baritones to high soprano trills, and her energetic stage presence even got the crowd to participate in an enthusiastically interactive cover of “Shout.” In between sets, the venue also very kindly handed out free water bottles to the crowd.

Gallant started off his set with telling the crowd solemnly, “Sometimes I think, who cares about me as a human, who listens to my music… and then to see everyone switch plans around, get tickets… every time you think there’s no one out there that cares about you, I’ll be out there listening to each and every one of you.” After that heartfelt declaration, he proceeded to put on an amazing show showcasing his pristine live vocals and his incredible emotional connection with his music and his fans through tears, sweat, and soul. He performed a lot of hits from his newest album Ology (2016), including “Talking to Myself,” “Skipping Stones,” and of course, a finale of “Weight in Gold,” within which every member of the audience could be heard shouting along to the song more clearly than Gallant himself.

Article and Photos by Vivian Chen



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