On December 15, Fox Theater opened its venue to French Kiwi Juice, with featuring artists ((( O ))) and Masego. French Kiwi Juice’s opener was the ethereal ((( O ))) (also known as June Marieezy), a Filipino singer, who cannot be categorized into one specific genre. Her unique voice vibrated throughout Fox Theater and transported every listener to a relaxing spa. In her last song, she jumped onto the crowd, simultaneously moving her body like a wave, while the surrounding audience frantically lifted her up with excitement. Afterwards, she lent the stage to French Kiwi Juice, and the two hour set left every listener more than satisfied.


FKJ is the all-encompassing personification of our current generations’ music renaissance. Overlaying jazzy low-fi undertones with EDM and stoner tunes, French Kiwi Juice easily worms his way into everyone’s inner desire to sway with our eyes closed, head tilted upwards. The one-man band alternates between the piano, the saxophone, the guitar, a soundboard, and his voice, looping the eclectic instruments together during his entire set and captivating his audience with his quick dexterity and fluid sounds.

French Kiwi Juice certainly left a lasting impression on everyone when he brought out Masego, for their famous duet “Tadow,” and not only came back after everyone yelled “encore,” but also stayed for an additional 15 minutes, playing music that deviated away from his album. At the end, he improvised some “American folk dance” music that sent the chilled-out audience into a hoedown throw down of some sort. People began linking arms, running around in circles, and jumping up and down, as though they were in a barn in the middle of Mississippi. The quick change in ambience and the French musician’s ability to entrance his audience with any genre of music he commits to, is indicative of his astonishing artistry, both recorded and live.

Article and Photos by Jackie Nam



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