Rising artist FKA twigs was welcomed by a full audience at The Warfield this past Thursday, November 20 on a rainy night in San Francisco. On her first large-scale tour spanning Europe and the United States, twigs’ musical talent — and general badassery — has managed to cultivate a dedicated group of ever-growing listeners within the span of only about two years.


Opening the night was BOOTS, currently known for his major contributions to Beyonce’s latest self-titled album; however, the New York-based singer is also beginning to forge a path for himself as an independent artist. His performance Thursday night was full of interesting juxtapositions: most noticeable was that between his melodramatic electronic rock music and his slightly laughable outfit (ratty grey tee, skin-tight leather pants, and long gold chains that flailed about). His set was brief and, with a casual wave of the hand, he left as soon as he had seemingly entered.

We were then left with a blue-lit stage that overflowed with rolling smoke and casted random shadows that, every once in a while, would fool us with the illusion of a human form, resulting in applause that would fade as the stage remained empty.

Finally, preceded by three stylish men, FKA twigs took the stage clad in a sheer mesh outfit. With her three instrumentalists flanking her, the show began aptly with the Preface in which her crystal clear voice cut through the room, setting the tone for the rest of the night. Throughout her set, FKA twigs’ voice floated above the layered beats and instrumentals, her whispery vocals almost threatening to be lost in the surrounding sounds.

Accompanying the mesmerizing vocals, sounds, and dazzling light displays, was her expressive dancing. While we were there for her music, her movements across the stage were just as much a part of the show. When she danced, she had the full attention of the music hall, as she swayed and moved freely to the beats and melodies.

One moment that stood out amongst a night of glittering moments was the superb performance of “Two Weeks,” a sensual and provocative song that was the penultimate culmination of some of her best vocals and free-flowing dancing.

Right before closing off the set, FKA twigs took a moment to share her thanks with us in a quiet, mousy British accent. After the show, as the crowd poured out from the theater and into the lobby, FKA twigs also made her way out to give fans some personal attention and sign autographs.

In the end, don’t be fooled — beyond her petite and cute physique is a powerful presence that is slowly making its way around the world towards greater things to come.

Article by Ryuka Ko



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