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Frontman Ezra Tenenbaum, bassist Shane O’Connell, and drummer Michael Stasiak comprise Brooklyn-born trio EZTV, who released their debut record Calling Out this past Friday. Tenenbaum had brought the group together while attempting to write his own solo album and after a few local shows, an unsuccessful Spiritualized touring audition, and several demo recordings, the band settled down and got in touch with Captured Tracks.

Calling Out features familiar classic rock melodies and guitar riffs crossed with beachy vibes and rolling bass. When you close your eyes and hear songs like “Dust in the Sky,” images of The Beatles singing over the music and melodies of The Beach Boys come into your mind. EZTV’s sound is dominated by Tenenbaum’s work on guitar. Where they lack in lyrical complexity, Tenenbaum more than makes up for it as he weaves through tracks such as “Soft Tension” with strategically-placed solos and tangential breakdowns. “The Light,” too, serves as a perfect example of a song that lulls in the choruses and verses but flourishes in the instrumental portions.

Give EZTV some of your time. The three Brooklyn boys bring sunlight and sand out of a concrete jungle with their feel-good vibes and happy melodies; Calling Out is an album to listen to in an everyday setting. A great addition to the array of New York-born groups like The Strokes and Darwin Deez, EZTV is set to tour the East Coast for the new album.

Article by Arnav Chaturvedi



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