Fantastic Negrito will be blessing the UC Theatre Saturday, October 14, with other Oakland-based artists, MAD NOISE and The Jamming Nachos.

Born to a conservative Muslim family in Massachusetts, Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz changed his tune when his family moved to Oakland. He was introduced to 1980’s Oakland culture where funkadelic tunes dominated the scene; this was a bit of a shift from his parents’ traditional African music. From Oakland to a failed Hollywood record deal, life’s realities and tragedies struck upon him. When his life was skimmed by the threat of death after a coma-inducing car accident, Fantastic Negrito’s new sound was born. It’s a style that portrays struggle, realness, and a fearlessness that can’t be tamed. With a hometown blues basis, he creates a dynamic sound that will take you back to another time. Negrito has been recognized for his talent with a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 2017 in light of his most recent album, The Last Days of Oakland (2016).

Accompanying Negrito will be MAD NOISE, a unique Bay Area-based neo-soul blues band, and The Jamming Nachos, a family-originated Rock ’n’ Roll band. This unique trio of Oakland-based bands will please your eardrums from chill blues to wild rock.

Visit the UC Theatre’s website to purchase tickets. The B-Side will also be giving away tickets for this show, so follow our Facebook page for details and updates.

Written by Devyn White



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