October 24, British art rock band Django Django make their way to San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom. Earlier this year they released their second album, Born Under Saturn (2015); Friday marks their third tour stop in a lineup of over twenty shows, ending in the Netherlands in mid-December.

Born Under Saturn, released this past May, is the sophomore album to the band’s first, self-titled 2010 studio album Django Django. The band also have a number of other releases and remixes, many of them on Soundcloud. Band members David Maclean, Vincent Neff, Jimmy Dixon, and Tommy Grace met at the Edinburgh College of Art, forming Django Django in London in 2009.

Known for the success of Django Django, the band have given us, with Born Under Saturn, more of the same weird pop we came to know the first time around. The album is a familiar, jumbled mix of surfing psychedelia and odds-and-ends percussion, just gnarlier and noisier, but somehow smoother and with a type of steady, confident rhythm built upon the first release. With echo-y, vaguely Beach-Boys-sounding tracks like “First Light” and “Giant,” interspersed with buzzier, older songs like “Waveforms” and “Default,” you can definitely expect to be moving in some way the entire evening.

Tickets are still available for the show, which begins at 9 PM with openers Wild Belle, the brother-sister duo known for tracks like “Keep You,” “Shine,” and “Love Like This” from their first studio album Isles (2013).

Article by Valerie Law



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