GP 15

Two rising artists took the stage in San Francisco’s Mezzanine on Saturday August 9th: Doseone swept the crowd with a bass-infused melodic current from the very beginning and Gold Panda ended the show channeling midnight beats through sweaty bodies packed tightly at the front of the stage.

Oakland native Adam “Doseone” Drucker had a number of followers come across to the Bay to see a performance that was nothing less of brilliant. His improvisation and ability to handle the spontaneity of the crowd was impressive. After his set, which can be described as old school punk with broken down beats and lyrical flows that span and fuse genres, he came onto the floor to spend the rest of the night with his fans.

Gold Panda’s concentration was unlike that of any performer I had seen in a while. While most artists interact with the crowd through vocal dialogue, Gold Panda truly accomplished this through his music. The progression and integration between his most popular song, “You,” and his myriad of other hypnotic hits had the crowd roaring with enthusiasm. For a less talkative performer, Gold Panda was at the forefront for a genre that evolves as fast as the transitions in his beats that night.



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