Sold-out for their two day San Francisco stop, Disclosure was hotly anticipated, their meteoric rise in the music industry dates back to 2012 and spread of their hit single “Latch.” The young electronic duo from Surrey, England released their second album Caracal last year, prompting a global tour.

Drawing an eclectic crowd of music lovers, ravers, young professionals, party animals, and parents (none mutually exclusive), Bill Graham was packed and buzzing with energy. Enclosed in personal spaceship-like pods, the duo handled an ever-rotating selection of guitars, keyboards, and drums with surgeon-like precision for key moments in each song — all while singing lyrics to many of the songs.

Disclosure’s conductor-like demeanor commanded Bill Graham. Entrancing showgoers with transcendent visuals and sensual beats, audience members grooved and shouted lyrics all night. The crowd was rambunctious, displaying an enthusiasm that couldn’t be tamped even during Disclosure’s chiller songs. Despite the crowd’s enthusiasm, Disclosure abandoned the familiar sounds from Settle and Caracal, and began a disco-electronic party halfway through the show. The transition left the crowd confused, still dancing, waiting for the familiarity to kick-in again.

The slight hiccup halted the flow of the show, but was instantly revived once special guests LION BABE was brought out for her featured song “Hourglass” and Brendan Reilly for “Moving Mountains.” Their live performances complemented the Disclosure’s established atmosphere, and brought it to the next level with daring theatrics and vocals to admire.

Notable songs of the night included “Magnets” — Lorde’s luscious vocals had the crowd singing along. And although Sam Smith was nowhere to be seen, Disclosure ended the night on a high note with their top hit “Latch,” which had the crowd roaring, jumping, and unashamedly yelling along to the lyrics. With a good night ending (perhaps a bit too soon) and house lights shining on the beer can littered floor, concertgoers left the venue looking for other outlets to expend their unused energy.

Article and Photos by Edfil Dulay 



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