It’d be difficult to name an indie musician as prolific and eccentric over the last 20 years as Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Bejar. Having released nearly 30 albums and EPs since 1995, Bejar is a creative force, and his indie rock band Destroyer best exemplifies his unique brilliance as an artist. While his influences and musical approaches vary from album to album, his music is always marked by his sprawling, abstract vocals—often so idiosyncratic that the band’s discography can seem intimidating to someone approaching Bejar’s music for the first time.

In honor of Destroyer’s release of their 11th studio album, ken, earlier this month, allow this flowchart to offer you some guidance to exploring all of the band’s official albums and their two most substantial EPs. As interwoven and spiraling as Bejar’s intricate compositions, hopefully you’ll find that this chart does Destroyer’s creative spirit justice.

Written and Created by Dylan Medlock

Design by Connor O’Shea



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